what is Maintenance? Types of Maintenance


Maintenance :–

        The Terms Maintenance maybe define as process of maintaining something in different field. Maintenance may be define as the maintenance of both hardware and software a  properly Maintain computer will run faster and work effectively.

Types of Maintenance :–  

There are five types of  Maintenance Which are as Following.

  1. Corrective Maintenance        (H/W)

  2. Preventive Maintenance        (S/W)

  3. Predictive Maintenance 

  4. Zero Hours Maintenance      (At a Time )

  5. Periodic Maintenance           (Particular Fix Time)

1. Corrective Maintenance :–  

This Type Maintenance correct the defects to be found in the equipment.

2. Preventive Maintenance :–  

This Type of Maintenance is used for to provide the service on equipment and programming.

3. Predictive Maintenance :–  

This type of Maintenance is used when any types of problem is arises in Computer System.

4. Zero Hours Maintenance :–  

it is a Type of Maintenance which works on the problem arises in the Computer System in a Quick or short Period of Time.

5. Periodic Maintenance :–  

It is a Type of Maintenance which works on the Time Table of Maintenance Scheduled by the User.

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