What is Instruction Code and Its Parts ?


Instruction Code :– 

Computer is a Binary Code that Specifies a Sequence of Micro Operation.
  • Instruction Code Together with Data are Stored in Memory.
  • The Computer read each Instruction from Memory read Operation.

Definition of Instruction Code :– 

An Instruction Code of group of bit that Instruct the Computer to Perform specific Operation.
          it has Two Parts each having Particular  Instruction.
  1. Operation Code 

  2. Computer Instruction

1. Operation Code:–

 that operation Code of an instruction is a Group of bits that Define each Operation Such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Shift etc.

2. Computer Instruction :– 

The basic Computer has Three instruction Code Format. each format has 16 bits. the operation Code part of the Instruction Contain Three Bits.
  • A Memory reference Instruction use 12 bits to Specific an Address & 1 bit to Specify address Mode (I).
  • I=0 for Direct address , I=1 for Indirect address
  • The register reference the Instruction are the Recognized by OP Code 111 With a 0 in the Left Most bit of the Instruction.
  • A Register reference Instruction Specify an Operation on Accumulator Register.
  • An Input Output Instruction does not reference to Memory and is recognized by OP 111 with a 1 in Left most bit of the Instruction.

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