What is Register Transfer and Arithmetic Micro Operation ??


Register :–

            Register is a Storage device Where the Data is Stored for Time being which will be Process Shortly by the Processor.

Micro Operation :– 

 The Operation Executed on Data Stored in a register are called Micro Operation. A Micro Operation is an Elementary Operation Perform on the Information stored in one or more Register.

Register Transfer :– 

The Register that hold an address for the memory unit is called memory unit called memory address (MAR). The Most Common way to represent a register is by a rectangular Box with the name of register inside. it is denote by capital letter.
(i) The Numbering of bits in 16 bits in Register in Partition into Two parts 0 to 7 are assign the symbol (L) Low and 8 to 15 are assign the Symbol (H) High.
(ii) Information Transfer one Register to Another.
(iii) Replacement of the Source register R1 does not change after the transfer.
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Arithmetic Micro Operation :–

     it is an Elementary perform with the Data Stored in the Register. These are of Four Types.

1. Register Transfer Micro Operation :– 

It is Transfer the Binary Information To From One Register to Other Register.
                                           R2 ←R1

2. Arithmetic Transfer Micro Operation :–

It perform Arithmetic Micro Operation. Where Numeric Data Stored in the Register.
                                 R3 ←R2 + R1 (Here R2 & R1 is Transferring to R3)
                                 R3 ← R1 – R2

3. Logic Micro Operation :–  

It Perform Manipulation Operation on Non- Numeric Data Stored in the Register.
                               R1 ← R2 ,   if R2 > R3 , R2=50 , R3 = 10

4. Shift Micro Operation :– 

It Perform Shift Operation of Data Stored in Register. Register Transfer Micro Operation does not change the Information content when the Binary Information move from to the Source Destination Register.
                     R2  ←   Sh l (Shift Left) R1
                     R2  ←   Sh r (Shift Right) R1

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