What is Memory and Types of Memory ?


Computer Memory :–

           A Memory is a Storage Device which stores all the data of the computer system memory  is basically divided into two Parts are as following.

Types of Memory :–

  • Primary Memory 

  • Secondary Memory

1.Primary Memory:– 

Its Stores the Data program which are Currently needed by the CPU the size of the Primary Memory is Smaller than Secondary Memory.

Types of Primary Memory:–

        (i) RAM (Random Access Memory)

        (ii) ROM (Read Only Memory)

(i) RAM :– 

RAM  stand for  Random Access Memory in Which user Perform  both  Read and Write Operations in the RAM if a User Performing a  Task at the same time the data will be lost.

(ii) ROM :– 

ROM stand for  Read only memory. In which the user can be Perform only read Operation. if During processing if the light will be switched off then there will be no changes in the Data.

2. Secondary Memory :–

 Secondary Memory is A Types of External memory in which the Data are Store for the Future use the Storage Capacity is bigger than primary memory.
   Ex :–  Pen drive , CD, DVD, etc.


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