What is Shell ? & How Create A Shell Program ?

 What is Shell:–

      A Shell is a program which provide a user interface with a Shell user can type in command and run programs on a Unix System. Basically the main function a shell perform is to read in from the terminal. what one type ,run the command and show the output of the Command.

Shell Programming :–

        The Editor is an operating System that has the same interface as the Editor of the newspaper. The Editor helps in Creating and Editing files. This Session introduce us to the various types of editor available in Linux.
Creating a Shell Program:- To create a Shell Program you need to Complete the Following steps.
  1. Create a Text File to hold the Shell Program.
  2. Decide the which  Shell you will use.
  3. Add the required Command to the file
  4. Save the file.
  5. Change the permission on the file so it is Executable.
  6. Run the Shell Program.

Example:- I want the number of files 7 direction in the current directory , so i have created the following shell program called files.

create the files Shell Program Executed.

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