What is Architecture of Linux ?


Architecture of LINUX :–



3.System Utilities

4.User Application

5.Hardware Platform


1.Kernel :–  

It act as an interface b/w Operating System & other hardware resources. it is the main part of operating system that load first & remains in the main memory.

2.Shell :– 

It act as an interface b/w user & operating system . it is a software that provides an interface for user of an operating system which needs service of a kernel.

3. System Utilities :–

 It consists of various system interrupts & system calls which are to transfer the control for the kernel mode containing the kernel & Shell for further Execution of command .
           The control can be transfer using system calls. “system call is an interface   b/w a process & the operating system.
    “In single words the system calls is request for running any program & for performing any operation one the system that the user has requested.
     system calls are different types.
  • File Management system calls :–  its performing a operation Open, Close , Read , Write .
  • Process Control system calls : —  its performing a operation Load , Execute , Create.
  • Management system calls :–  its performing a operation Request device , Write Device , Release Device.
  • Communication system calls :–  Send message Transfer status operation.

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 4. User Application :– 

The Application which a user requires to perform its task.

 5. Hardware Platform :– 

The Resources of the system such as Keyboard , Monitor , Printer etc. with which user can input-output the request are supported by the Linux.

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