Computer System Peripherals III Semester 2015 (w)

                             Course      :    Information Technology
                             Code         :    3017
                             Subject     :    Computer System Peripherals
                             Year/Sem.:     III Semester
Time: 21/2 Hrs.                                                                                                                       M.M.: 80

Note: Attempt any five question.
1.     Compare the feature of EGA/VGA/SVGA display architectures.             16
2.     Explain the working of laser printer with its block diagram.                    16
3.     What are storage devise? Explain the construction and working of
 Optical disk drive.                                                                                            16
4.     Explain different types of parts with diagram. Specify which part you would like to use attach following devices to the system optical-
a)     Dot matrix printer                                                                                   16   
b)    Mouse/Keyboard
c)     Webcam
d)    Connect you a local area network
5.     What is the working principle of CVT? Write the difference between the working of online UPS and offline UPS.                                                16 
6.     Write the difference between the working principle of wired optical and wireless mouse.                                                                                                16
7.     Write the short notes in any four-
                                                                                                                    4*4= 16
a)     Tablets
b)    Pen drive
c)     SMPS
d)    LAN card
e)     LED monitor

neeraj joshi

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