Maintenance :–         The Terms Maintenance maybe define as process of maintaining something in different field. Maintenance may be define as the maintenance of both hardware and software a  properly Maintain computer will run faster and work effectively. Types of Maintenance :–   There are five types of  Maintenance Which are as Following. … Read more

What is Instruction Code and Its Parts ?

Instruction Code :–  Computer is a Binary Code that Specifies a Sequence of Micro Operation. Instruction Code Together with Data are Stored in Memory. The Computer read each Instruction from Memory read Operation. Definition of Instruction Code :–  An Instruction Code of group of bit that Instruct the Computer to Perform specific Operation.     … Read more

How to File Handling in PHP ?

File Handling in PHP :– Open File – fopen() Close File – fclose() Read File – fread() Write to File – fwrite() Upload File 1.Open File -fopen() :–  Files are Opened in PHP using the “fopen()” Command. The Command takes Two parameters . The First Parameter Contain the Name of File be Opened & the … Read more


PRINCIPLES OF OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT:– 1.Free means Freedom not “Free Stuff” 2.Principle of “Openness” 3.Principle of  Transparency 4.Expectation of “Community”   1.Free means Freedom not “Free Stuff”:–        Open Source is not free .In the year 1998 the term “OPEN SOURCE”  was Joined to replace the terms software because many people assumed free … Read more